Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Illustration for Heinrich Heine poem ‘Altes Kaminstück’ Exhibition Heine

Neue Gedichte: Zur Ollea: ‘Altes Kaminstück’

Outside, white snowflakes are blowing
Through the night: the storm is loud:

Here I’m alone, beside the blazing

Hearth inside, warm, quietly bowed.

I sit here in my chair, just thinking,

Here beside the crackling glow,

Kettle humming, as its boiling,

Melodies from long ago.

And my little cat sits near me

Warms its paws beside the coals,

While the flames are flickering, weaving

Brave imaginings in my soul.

Now many a long forgotten age

Rises in twilight air,

As if in shining masquerade,

And faded splendour, there.

Lovely women with knowing glances

Beckoning with sweet mystery,

And Harlequins in prancing dances

Leaping, laughing merrily.

Marble gods from furthest distance

Greet me: near them, dreamlike, grow

Flowers, from tales, that entrance

In the moonlight glow.

Many a magic castle, rising,

Swims uncertainly to view,

Behind them gleaming knights riding

And with them pageboys too.

And all of this goes flashing by,

Hurrying on in shadow flight –

Ah! The kettle’s boiling over,

And the little cat howls with fright.

Sunday, September 6, 2009